Welcome to the RATIONAL ANIMAL



I want to take a moment to congratulate you ahead of time.


Because it’s my sincere home that you’ll be taking some of the tips, tricks and solid advice that I’ll be sharing with you. Evidence based, research backed advice.

Why “Rational Animal?”

Humans share many of the impulses and emotions of other animals on the planet. However, one of the elements that distinguishes humans from others is our ability to think in complex abstractions. Through thought and language we are able to create ideas that can change the world or lead to our own destruction.

We have thoughts, both rational and irrational, which guide our emotions, reactions and good and bad behaviors.

My mission, with the Rational Animal, is to assist you in moving in the direction of your desires, wishes, dreams and aspirations in life.

We do this by using our Rational Thinking. And together we will walk through this often, but not always, irrational world in a manner that allows us to move forward with USA–Unconditional Self Acceptance.

But theres more!

We will also–while pursuing our dreams and desires–practice UOA and ULA. That is Unconditional Other Acceptance and Unconditional Life Acceptance.

In my over 25 years as a psychotherapist and life coach, I’ve also discovered that quite often, individuals will have lovely, articulate, accurate, empathic advice for their friends. They show compassion, forgiveness, faith, hope and rationality when guiding or counseling their friends.

However, I’ve noticed those same individuals treating themselves far, far differently. Often these same people will turn on themselves in the most vicious, uncompromising manner. They have an ongoing internal (and sometimes, external) dialogue which is unforgiving, innacurate, overgeneralizing, negative, doomsaying, hopeless and irrational.

With Rational Thinking, I was able to assist them in viewing their lives from the ‘Best Friend’ position, and they were able to see themselves differently.

And that’s what I’m hoping we’ll be able to do for you as well.

Because, let’s face it. You are all you’ve got.

And no matter how long or how far you run, you’re always going to be in that place.

So it’s time to start applying Best Friend principles to YOUR life.

Are you ready to get Rational?

Alright then!

Let’s Do This!

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